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Everyone faces challenges and hardships throughout the course of their life. It is important to address and work towards overcoming these challenges in order to move forward, learn and grow as an individual, and ultimately improve the quality of your life.

At Campsie Therapy Centre, we provide services for various issues including mental distress, grief, loss, trauma and more. Our highly trained and experienced team consists of a psychiatrist, psychologist and therapists who work hand in hand to ensure you receive the best help and advice for your unique situation. With a focus on children and adolescents, we want to guide and support children as well as their parents in creating a positive, safe and happy family environment.

Campsie Therapy Centre is conveniently located on the junction of the Inner West of Sydney and the Canterbury-Bankstown area.


Shop 15, 94 Beamish St,



Phone: 02 9718 5603

Fax: 02 9168 6959

Mobile: 0414 765 953


Parking: There is adequate street parking in the surrounding streets north of Ninth Avenue and limited parking in the parking station of Shakespeare Street.

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